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We take a multifaceted approach to measuring performance

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Our values drive the way we work

Our founders and portfolio companies are our priority.  Our portfolio company successes are our successes. We do all we can to maximize that potential. 

Radical Candor 

Radical Candor is an approach to work relationships and communication grounded in an approach of "Caring Personally while Challenging Directly".

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Hustle and Work Hard

We hustle and work hard on behalf of our portfolio companies and limited partners.

We love to bring our expertise, knowledge and networks to our team and companies, but we are also humble at our core and want to learn and grow every day.

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Live by Objective Process

We live by process because it drives consistency, minimizes bias, and enables us to make decisions quickly and work fast.

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Delight and Self Care at Work

Work is a major part of our lives, and we aim for work to be delightful. We also recognize that venture investing and start-ups can be emotional and exhausting and we value self-care and balance.

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Founders First

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Be Humble & Keep a Growth Mindset

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