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We Support Founders Building a Brilliant Tomorrow

Creating a more inclusive venture capital ecosystem that invests in companies using technology to solve the world's biggest problems

We Got

Tara Bishop and Eileen Tanghal met 30 years ago while studying at MIT. There, they became roommates, classmates, and close friends. After graduating from MIT, Tara received her M.D. at Cornell University and Eileen worked as part of the founding engineering team at a successful billion-dollar startup before attending London Business School for her MBA.

They kept in close contact in the proceeding years as they embarked on various personal and professional journeys. Tara became the Medical Director at McKinsey and later Chief Medical Officer for Bind Benefits, since acquired by UnitedHealthcare. She gained deep insight into working with and for startups. Eileen spent several years as a financial VC then began her career in corporate VC at Applied Materials and later Arm. Most recently, Eileen served as Managing Director of IQT International’s London office. She has sat on the boards for 40+ high tech startup companies in the US and Europe as a financial venture capitalist, corporate venture capitalist and most recently on behalf of the US intelligence community.

Throughout these years they dreamed of starting their own business together, one marked by collaboration, drive, trust, and authenticity. In 2021, they founded Black Opal Ventures, and turned this dream into reality.

Our Thesis

Bringing together the knowledge, practices, and diverse thinking of healthcare and technology is transformational.

Finding Solutions

U.S. healthcare spending is expected to exceed $6 trillion by 2028. Despite this, there are a multitude of unsolved problems. We are looking for companies finding innovative solutions.

Our Commitments

We measure performance by looking at three primary dimensions; financial performance, global health outcomes, and diversity. 



Evidence shows that when two industries collide, the outcome is industry-transforming companies with exponential impact and returns

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Backing Companies Solving the World's Biggest Problems

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