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Black Opal Ventures in the News

Updated: Apr 30

A number of media outlets covered the Black Opal Ventures Fund announcement.

In Forbes, Nancy Wang writes, "Tara and Eileen’s story at Black Opal Ventures is a testament to how diversity and innovation can disrupt traditional landscapes. Their pioneering strategies and investments herald a new era for healthcare venture capitalism, where diversity and technology converge to create a more inclusive and impactful future."

Modern Healthcare reporter, Gabriel Perna, highlighted VC's keen focus on health equity when investing in AI applications in healthcare. He writes, "Tanghal likened AI in 2023 to the internet in 1995 in terms of potential impact. She and Bishop are looking at AI companies that can improve diagnoses, speed up drug discovery and reduce repetitive tasks. However, the technology's capabilities can’t overshadow the potential harm, they said."

Lawrence Aragon of the Venture Capital Journal asked Eileen to share her advice to other women-led VC firms navigating fundraising. Eileen said "Stay optimistic and patient. Sometimes it will not work out. There will be others that will be a better fit for your fund. Take the time to celebrate. And then, build up that personal reserve of resilience again."

We are incredibly excited to get the opportunity to share more about Black Opal Ventures and our vision for the future of healthcare. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite pieces:


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