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Dr. Tara Bishop Gives Keynote at MIT Sloan's Healthcare and BioInnovations Conference

Updated: Apr 30

Founder and Managing Director of Black Opal Ventures, Dr. Tara Bishop, served as a pitch competition judge and keynote speaker at MIT Sloan’s Healthcare and BioInnovations Conference in February.

The MIT Sloan Healthcare and Bioinnovations Conference is a two-day event bringing together industry leaders, students, and innovators. This year’s theme was “Frontiers of Health”, looking at the immense innovation that exists in the healthcare ecosystem. Eight finalists were chosen to pitch their innovative companies as part of the Sloan Healthcare Innovations Prize (SHIP) pitch competition. The panel of judges came from Flare Capital, CVS Health Ventures, Mass General Brigham Fund, Monashee, MIT, Harvard, and Black Opal Ventures.

Dr. Tara Bishop gave a keynote address, reflecting on many of the things that have transformed and are still in need of change since her time at MIT. She reminded attendees of both the complexity and potential that exists today within healthcare. Further, she spoke of the revolutionary technologies that exist today that have yet to be used to augment healthcare today.

Following Dr. Bishop’s keynote was the pitch competition featuring eight finalists; 3D Biotherapeutics, Olden Labs, Anarca, T33, cloverleaf bio, Vitally Health, NeuroBionics, and Zeph. Alongside Vic Lanio, Dr. Anjall Sastry, Dr. Rene Mora, Meredith Fisher, and Alyssa Resiner, Dr. Bishop judged each of the companies and, together, they awarded Zeph with the grand prize. Zeph is both a device and platform that aims to assist those with chronic respiratory conditions.

The MIT Sloan Healthcare and Bioinnovations Conference is an event showcasing industry and policy leaders, sponsored by MIT Sloan School of Management. Black Opal Ventures aims to improve health outcomes for all by investing in companies at the collision of healthcare and technology.


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