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Dr. Tara Bishop on the Future of Digital Healthcare

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Black Opal Ventures Founder, Dr. Tara Bishop, discusses the future of Digital Healthcare at the Global Corporate Venturing Symposium

November 4, 2021, London, UK. Dr. Tara Bishop has a fireside chat with Eileen Tanghal on the future of Digital Healthcare. The pair discussed the current landscape, the impact of COVID and the most exciting things in the future. Dr. Bishop also discussed the important role that corporate venture capitalists play in offering resources and giving start-ups credibility. The event was held in central London with a global audience.

Global Corporate Venturing (GCV) is where global innovation and capital converge to define, invest and shape the world of tomorrow. GCV provides the world’s investors and the wider innovation ecosystem with the information, insights, collaboration and access they need to succeed in a constantly changing world. Black Opal Ventures aims to improve health outcomes for all by investing in companies at the collision of healthcare and technology.


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