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Dr. Tara Bishop Serves as a Panelist at the New York Venture Summit

Updated: Apr 30

In early September, Dr. Tara Bishop, Managing Partner of Black Opal Ventures, sat on a panel at the New York Venture Summit titled “Life Sciences and Healthcare VC Checkup”.

New York City - Dr. Tara Bishop, Managing Partner of Black Opal Ventures, recently served as a panelist at the New York Venture Summit. The event brought together industry leaders to discuss the evolving landscape of investment activity and portfolio success factors. Dr. Bishop shared her insights alongside moderator Karl Pawlik and fellow panelists Youssef Bennani, Bruce Cohen, Mike Edelhart, Dawin Ling, and John Prufeta.

One of the key topics of discussion was the changing dynamics of investment activity. Dr. Bishop noted that the market had experienced a cooling effect with fewer deals, lower valuations, and fewer exits. She described this as a much-needed correction, enabling investors to participate at more reasonable valuations while generally allowing the time for thorough due diligence.

The panelists also highlighted common traits in successful portfolio companies. According to Dr. Bishop, success often hinges on the presence of exceptional teams and competitive moats. On the other hand, the discussion delved into the factors that can lead to a company's failure. Panelists underscored the significance of transparency and honesty within a team. Additionally, a company's inability to comprehend its customer base, effectively sell its products, or achieve product-market fit were identified as potential pitfalls.

The panelists also explored areas in the space they are particularly excited about. Dr. Bishop expressed her interest in artificial intelligence, life science platform technologies, and tech-focused companies with strong moats. Offering valuable advice to aspiring founders, Dr. Bishop emphasized the importance of honesty and transparency when engaging with their board and investors. She encouraged founders to fully grasp their value proposition for their target customers and leverage the expertise and networks of their investors to maximize growth and success.

New York Venture Summit is an event hosted by youngStartup Ventures bringing together investors and innovators. Black Opal Ventures aims to improve health outcomes for all by investing in companies at the collision of healthcare and technology.


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